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The Slow Down Diet 

The Slow Down Diet 
Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss
by Marc David
Healing Arts Press, 2005

If you were told to take your time at the dinner table over the next eight weeks, eating fine foods with good friends, imbibing in quality beverages and truly enjoying yourself as if you were on an extended vacation, would you accept the challenge?

Would you do it if you knew you'd lose weight and become healthier in the process?

Based on the belief (with plenty of research to back it up) that fast foods, hurried eating, stressful lifestyles and cheap artificial flavors are contributing to America's obesity epidemic, this book prescribes a radical alternative: slow and easy enjoyment of good foods in pleasant environments.

This diet works, author Marc David explains, because it suppresses fat-creating hormones and encourages efficient digestion and a more active metabolism.

David, a nutritionist schooled in the psychology of eating, is a workshop leader at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the author of Nourishing Wisdom.

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The Slow Down Diet

Lessons from the French

Do you know how the French "do it" when it comes to food? When asked this question most people familiar with the culture comment that the French take a few hours for lunch, they drink a generous amount of red wine with their meals, they eats lots of cheese and high-fat foods, their portions tend to be smaller, their midday meal is the largest of the day, they're fanatic about using fresh foods and high-quality ingredients, they don't exercise as much as Americans, they smoke a lot, they're thinner, and they dine and celebrate their meals as opposed to eating and running. Until recently, the French didn't even have a term for "fast food."

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