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The Secret Teachings of Plants

The Secret Teachings of Plants
The Intelligence Of The Heart In The
Direct Perception Of Nature

by Stephen Harrod Buhner
Bear & Company, 2004

Identifying the heart and its abundance of neural cells as the human body's primary organ of perception and communication, this work demonstrates that linear scientific methods are not the only source of knowledge and that intuitive, holistic thinking can open up realms of experience not available to or recognized by conventional science.

Divided into two distinct parts, this book first examines the epistemological foundations of "biognosis," or the acquisition of knowledge from direct perception of the living world around us. This way of knowing is based on the presumption that our bodies (the heart especially) are capable of acquiring information from wild nature that conventional scientific methods and instrumentation are not capable.

We can only see what we allow ourselves to see. Instruments constructed to perceive a particular range of light or sound or energy can only perceive events that lie within in that range. The universe we perceive through our telescopes and microscopes is not the "real" universe, but only the one our instruments are made to perceive.

The second half of this book explores another way of knowing, much older and more diverse, but largely discounted or discredited by present-day scientists. More akin to poetry and music than botany and chemistry, the heart-centered mode of perception is probably more common in the everyday lives of people all across the planet than the media, scientific institutions, schoools and textbooks care to admit. 

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The Secret Teachings of Plants
The Secret Teachings of Plants

"It is as bad to study stars and clouds as flowers and stones. I must let my senses wander as my thoughts, my eyes see without looking. Carlyle said that how to observe is to look, but I say that it is rather to see, and the more you look the less you will observe... Be not preoccupied with looking. Go not to the object; let it come to you." -- Henry David Thoreau

When you go into Natuire, you let the field of your heart lead, moving to those things that for some reason attract you. You may feel one day the need to walk in mountains, or when walking in a forest be drawn to a particular stand of trees. To notice these things you must, as Thoreau commented, let yourself "see with the unqorn sides of your eye." It is in peripheral vision that these things are seen, in peripheral thoughts that their signals come. Pointed vision is the domain of the linear mind.

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