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The Montana Gardener's Companion

The Montana Gardener's Companion
An Insider's Guide to Gardening under the Big Sky
by Bob Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough

Globe Pequot Press, 2007

No matter where you live in Montana, gardening is a challenge. The Big Sky Country, for all its virtues, is a tough place to grow crops or raise flowers. 

The fourth largest of the U.S. states, Montana encompasses a diverse assortment of soils, climates, pests and hydrologies and hardly any other gardening books specifically address the issues, conditions and choices common to Montana gardeners.

This book offers a primer on gardening as it is practiced successfully in Montana. The authors are veteran Big Sky gardeners and professional horticulturalists. Nowhere else will you find so much information specific to Montana's gardens.

In separate sections on lawns, fruit and vegetables, flowers, trees or native plants, this book identifies the best plants to grow and how to cultivate them successfully.

Refer to the opening section on "Firm Foundations" for advice on analyzing soils, adjusting to the local climate, and conserving water in this drought-prone state.

Look to the back of the book for solutions to pests, weeds and diseases, and a glossary of unfamiliar terms.

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The Montana Gardener's Companion
The Montana Gardener's Companion

"frost crack"
a vertical crack along the trunk of a tree caused by extreme cold in the vicinity of minus 25 to minus 30 degrees. The crack usually closes when the temperature warms and will heal in a few years. Frost cracks are also called "vertical shakes" and "trunk split."

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