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The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses

The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses
Tips, Techniques and Tools to Improve Your Marketing
by Jay B. Lipe 
Chammerson Press, 2003

Nicknamed the "Plan Man" for his expertise at developing marketing plans, author Jay Lipe is an active consultant and speaker on the subject. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he operates Emerge Marketing, a firm that implements many of the concepts in this book.

"Unless the right people hear about your product, understand what it does, and know where to get it, it won't sell," Lipe explains. "That's the job of marketing. You see, just inventing a new product isn't enough, it's only the first step towards success. The real success comes from gaining market acceptance -- and that's the job of marketing."

Marketing is not rocket science, but it is a completely different skill from growing or crafting or building something, and many producers find it difficult. This book offers marketing principles and exercises that, if followed with some diligence, are almost certain to produce positive results.

Unlike most marketing books, which are usually geared to the new business, this one is directed more toward entrepreneurs with an existing enterprise who are looking to grow their business. Charts, checklists, exercises and a glossary of marketing terms make the development of a strategy easier to attain and results more capable of being measured.

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New Customer Sales

     Old customers go away for several reasons. They switch to your competitors, they take their business in-house or they can just plain go out of business. Plan on this attrition -- it's all too common in the business world. Therefore, your marketing should address this issue by seeking a steady stream of new customers to replace those you lose.

     Define a new customer as one who has 24 months or less of revenue history with you, and then generate a quick report showing your new customers, ranked by sales -- high to low, and where they came from.

      Prepare this report every January for the preceeding year and you may begin to notice a pattern around where new customers are coming from, and what attracts them to your doorstep.

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