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Turkey Talk

Baste -- Moisten with drippings, butter, or another liquid during cooking.
Chill -- Place in the refrigerator to reduce the temperature.
Mince -- Cyt into very fine pieces.
Panfry -- Cook uncovered in hot oil.
Roux -- A cooked mixture of flour and butter or other fat used to thicken sauces.
Scallop -- Bake in a casserole with sauce, often topped with breadcrumbs.
Score -- Cut a notch or small slit in the surface of a food.
Spritz -- Spray briefly or quickly.
Truss -- Secure the legs or open cavity of poultry using skewers or string.

Turkey Quiz                                                                    answers

1. Why is it insulting to be called "a turkey"?
2. Did turkeys originally come from Turkey?
What do you call the red thing that hangs under a turkey's chin?
4. What do you call a female turkey?
5. Where do you find the turkey's "snood"?
6. What do you call a male turkey?
7. Which turkeys can fly?
8. Which turkeys gobble?

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Talk Turkey to Me
Talk Turkey to Me

A Good Time in the Kitchen Talking Turkey and All the Trimmings
by Renee S. Ferguson

Wishbone Press and Promotions, 2006
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Expert advice on how to prepare and cook the perfect turkey is complemented, in this volume, with 80 recipes and dozens of quotes, quips and anecdotes from Butterball® Turkey Talk-Line™ callers, like these:

"Can you tell me how much my turkey weighs?"

"Skim the fat from the gravy?But that's what makes it taste so good!"

"I'm 22 and I'm not an idiot. My turkey is completely frozen. Can I deep-fry it, like they do frozen French fries?"

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