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Tabletop Gardens

Previously published in a hardcover edition in 2002, this handsome trade paperback captures the enjoyment and technique of indoor gardening with a selection of tabletop projects to suit almost any taste or situation.

An introductory chapter on choosing the plants, containers and locations for indoor gardens is followed by specific garden designs grouped into chapters by format, ranging from Tray & Dish Gardens and Water Gardens to Glassed-In Gardens and Seasonal Gardens.

Each project, like "Ivy Tower" or "Early-Spring Garden" or "Centerpiece Garden" includes a materials list and step-by-step instructions. Back-of-the-book sections detail propogartion techniiques, artificial lighting, and training plants of wire forms.

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Tabletop Gardens
Tabletop Gardens

40 Stylish Plantscapes for Counters and Shelves, Desktops and Windowsills
by Rosemary McCreary

Storey Publishings, 2006
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The author, Rosemary McCreary, has two other books in print: Container Gardens: Simple Steps to Beautiful Potted Plants and Houseplants.

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