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Red Tractors 1958-2013

Red Tractors 1958-2013
The Authoritative Guide to Farmall, International Harvester and Case IH Farm Tractors in the Modern Era
by Lee Klancher, et al
Octane Press, 2013

The story of International Harvester and its distinctively red tractors is very much the story of modern American agriculture, adapting to dramatic changes in markets and technology and surviving near-extinction before rising to new heights in the 21st century with a new generation of machines.
Red Tractors 1958-2013

Led by Lee Klancher, publisher at Octane Press, a team of writers, researchers and photographers obsessed with IH tractors and their story compiled this detailed account of the tractor manufacturer and its products, from the Farmall 40 and 60 series tractors to the MXM Maxxums. With its lavish photography and original concept drawings of red tractors, the substantial volume is a loving testament "to the skill, dedication, and hard work invested by the people who created and built them," Klancher states.

Klancher sets the stage for this story with profiles of John McCaffrey, who worked his way up from a Harvester warehouse worker in Cincinnati to CEO of the company for seven formative years, and Brooks McCormick, a direct descendant of the company's founder who ran IH during the 1970s. 

The bulk of the book is devoted to design and devlopment histories of IH and IH Case tractors, both domestic and international. All are well illustrated with period photographs and concept drawings. An appendix offers a Red Tractor Model List, which includes production dates and names for machines built from 1957 to 2013, including the 66 Series of American IH, the Super 70 World Wide Tractors, British IH Tractors like the B-250 and the Mahindra 444 Super, B-Series Australian IH, French IH Farmalls and Vineyards, the German IH D-3439 Backhoe Loader and more.

1980s Farm Crisis

The farm crisis of the 1980s thoroughly transformed American agriculture and brought the proud old company to its knees.

"A wicked combination of factors made farm auctions rampant in the early 1980s," Klancher explains. "High interest rates, low crop prices, foreign markets that slowed or stopped, dropping land values. and high levels of debt all comspired to make it difficult for farmers of large operations and essentially impossible for small and medium producers.

"As the 1980s progressed, the farm crisis only deepened. Efforts were made to relieve farmers, but various aid packages mostly helped larger farms more than small and medium-sized ones. Very few farmers purchased heavy equipment during this time. The effect on Harvester was cataclysmic."

Much of the company was sold off, the agricultural division was merged with competitor Case Tractors, and the truck division continued separately under the name Navistar. Case International, as the new tractor maker was called, struggled to show a profit, losing $214 million in 1985. But the 1987 introduction of new Magnum tractor, combining the best of Case and IH technology and design, turned things around and helped the company survive.
"Today, the success of the brand and particularly the Magnum, has helped Case IH embrace its heritage, and those with roots beyond the blended team take ownership of the future," Klancher concludes in the epilogue.

Farmall 95

Powered by a 4.5-liter deisel engine, the Farmall 95 is a versatile high-horsepower tractor and a great value. It is offered in both a two-door ROPS cab version and a two-post ROPS.

The 95's simple-yet-rugged 12x12 sychro shuttle transmission can take on any farm task. And if more speeds are needed, a 20x12 creeper-gear transmission is available. The Farmall 95 can be used with an L570 front loader or with the L735 or L745 premium front-end loaders.

Case IH also offers special application Farmall series tractors. The 75N and 105N are narrow-tread tractors built for vineyard and orchard operations. The 75N has an overallwidth of 52.9 inches; the 105N is 53.4 inches wide. Both can be equipped with a 16x16 or 32x16 high-low transmission.

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