The Raw Foods Resource Guide 

The Raw Foods Resource Guide
by Jeremy Safron 
Ten Speed Press, 2005

Here's a primer on the raw food lifestyle, providing definitions and advice on eating raw foods. It explains many of the benefits of fresh, dried and sprouted foods and describes how to locate or produce them.

"People eating raw foods find they need to sleep less to feel rested and often attest to achieving goals in their lives that on a cooked diet seemed unfathomable," boasts author Jeremy Safron. "Many athletes have found that light raw meals given a more sustainable form of energy and allow them to surpass their previous records. Students also find that raw food gives them a more balanced blood sugar level and helps them think more clearly and stay more focused."

Safron includes a section on sprouts, one of the easiest and most popular crops for indoor gardening, and provides tips for beginning growers.

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The Raw Foods Resource Guide 

How to Forage in the Woods 
Many wonderful plants found in the woods can be consumed. Almost every grass is edible, and some are very nutritious. The needles of the pinetree are edible; birch bark is edible; dandelion greens and flowers are edible. Many salad greens are available wild. It is a good idea to check out an herb and wild food guide for pictures of what each herb or green looks like.
  • A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants
  • The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants

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