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Power Up

Power Up
Unleash Your Natural Energy, Revitalize Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger
by Woodson Merrell

Simon and Schuster, 2009

A fusion of Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies, this book by physician Woodson Merrell addresses the common problem of low energy levels in the body with practical holistic steps for improvement.

The book begins with a detailed discussion of six ways to reclaim vitality through food, exercise, detoxification, rest, spirituality and the right mental attitude.

The second half of the book includes a 21-day guide to maximizing the body's energy-generating capacity. For each day, there are meal plans with recipes, meditations, suggested activities, workouts, and discussions about concepts underlying Merrell's plan.

In a chapter entitled "Power Rest: How to Recharge Your Battery," Merrel offers the following behavioral therapy protocol for getting good sleep: 
• Go to bed only when sleepy.
• Get out of bed if you haven't fallen asleep in 20 minutes.
• Curtail all nonsleep acitvities in bed -- watching TV, eating, planning or problem solving.
• Arise at the same time every morning.
• Avoid daytime napping.
• Don't get attached to unreal expectations about getting a perfect sleep every night.
• Do not blame insomnia for all daytime problems.
• Do not imagine all the bad things that will happen after a poor night's sleep.

Power Up
Power Up

Stress is the single most pervasive factor that determines the state of your energy, 

If you miss the present moment, you miss your appointment wth life..
- Thich Nhat Hanh

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