Positive Fly Fishing

Positive Fly Fishing
Be a Better Angler with the Right Techniques...and Attitude
by Marla Blair 
Lyons Press, 2005

Autobiographical as well as instructional, this beginner's guide to fly fishing was composed by one of America's first female fly fishing guides. Marla Blair started fly fishing just 14 years ago, at a time when women were rarely seen in waders. Now she's writing books on the sport.

Blair's book explains how to choose a fly rod, equip yourself with tackle and gear and waders and vests, and finally, how to select flies. "Keep it simple," is her advice to novices overwhelmed by the obsessive universe of trompe l'oeil insect life.

"The bottom line is that fisk look at silhouettes, and at times they prefer one silhouette to another," she explains. "The most important thing is to have fun and try different things until you find what works for you."

Blair seeks to encourage a "positive" in fly fishing -- a sport that can be discouraging to beginners. She's noticed that the way people think and talk about themselves largely determines how well they learn to fly fish. Her favorite saying is "Fly fishing: learn it, love it, pass it on."

This book is her way of passing it on.

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Positive Fly Fishing

Once the water warms to 50 degrees, fish become more active, Water temperatures between 50 and 63 degrees are optimum for abundant insect hatches, not to mention feeding fish. Within this temperature range trout usually have a holding lie and a feeding lane...

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