Outwitting Cats

Outwitting Cats
Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Persuading the Felines in Your Life That What YOU Want Is Also What THEY Want 
by Wendy Christensen 
The Lyons Press, 2004.

As everyone knows, you can't train cats. But you can trick them into behaviors that are socially appropriate or domestically harmonious. That's the gist of this guide to caring for felines and curing problems.

"Outwitting your cat means taking advantage of your knowledge of what makes him tick and what's important to him to persuade him that what you want is also what he wants. And it means understanding that what's important to him is not necessarily what's important to you," author Wendy Christensen explains.

Christensen provides a primer on feline anatomy, biology and psychology before confronting specific behavior problems like random wetting, sofa scratching, counter cruising, overeating, or people ambushing. There's no outwitting a cat in heat, but most other aspects of healthy feline life appear to be covered, from abscessed wounds to zoonoses.

This book is written mostly for owners of indoor cats.  A section on dealing with OPCs (Other People's Cats) and their intrusions is included, but most of the advice is for people with housecats.

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Outwitting Cats

Food Snatching and Begging

    To outwit your food-scavenging feline and keep your dinner for yourself: 

Escort your cat to her hideaway room, with her own tasty dinner, before sitting down to your own meal.

Make your dining room a cat-free zone.

Let your cat have her fill of sniffing your chow. That may be all she needs to satisfy her curiosity.

Use a lot of pepper, sharp-tasting sauces, and spicy condiments. Cats hate these.

Place a few orange slices or half a fresh lemon on your plate. Cats hate the sharp odor of citrus.

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