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Organic Body Care Recipes

Organic Body Care Recipes
Organic Body Care Recipes

by Stephanie Tourles
Storey Publishing, 2007

Any idea what's in your lipstick? Or how your shampoo was concocted? Potentially harmful, and even carcinogenic, synthetic substances are commonly used to make the soaps and deodorants and creams and lotions we apply to our bodies and absorb through our skin. There is precious little government oversight of such products, and we consumers have nary a clue about what we're doing to ourselves.

To be safe, buy your cosmetics directly from someone you know and trust... or make your own. Yes, you can, Really.

Here's a useful guide for the kitchen cosmetologist, with 175 formulas for natural beauty treatments of all kinds.


Holistic herbal skin and body care comprises an ancient tradition practiced for thousands of years, promoting mutual respect between individuals and generations; harmony and balance within; gentle coexistence with the earth; and a visible physical radiance in the individuals who practice it...

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