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Kentucky's Best
Kentucky Cooks

Kentucky's Best
Fifty Years Of Great Recipes
by Linda Allison-Lewis
University Press of Kentucky, 2009
Kentucky Cooks
Favorite Recipes from Kentucky Living
by Linda Allison-Lewis
University Press of Kentucky, 2009

Favorite dishes from the Bluegrass State are gathered together in a new edition of Kentucky's Best: Fifty Years of Great Recipes and a more recent collection by the same author, Kentucky Cooks: Favorite Recipes from Kentucky Living.

Recipes for fine cuisine from elegant Kentucky dining spots are included along with the
down home dishes of rural grandmothers that have become family heirlooms. Look here for instructions for burgoo, Benedictine spead, cheese grits, mint julep, and Kentucky bourbon sauces.

Special sections include "Lunch and Teatime Favorites" and "Derby Favorites." 

Kentucky's Best
Kentucky's Best

Linda Allison-Lewis is a food columnist for Kentucky Living magazine.

Cracklin' Corn Bread
Mushroom Soup
My Derby Grits

Kentucky's Best
Kentucky Cooks

Side dishes
Greens with Pinto Beans

Smoked Quail

Chocolate Honey Brulee

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