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How to Activate Your Brain

This large print book, written primarily for elderly readers, describes exercises and techniques designed to relieve stress and activate brain functions.

The text and exercises are used at the author's Stress Relief and Memory Training Center in Brooklyn, New York, where psychiatrist Valentin Bragin --
a specialist in stress and stress-related disorders -- works with severely ill geriatric patients.

"The core of the program is a set of light physical exercises that are done mostly in a sitting position," Bragin explains.

This "Brain Activation Program," developed over a 12-year period, appears to revitalize the brain and reverse mental deterioration in some patients. It includes light physical exercise, meditative breathing, memory training, and stimulation from light and sound.

According to Bragin, patients who followed the program have overcome forgetfulness, inattentiveness, depression and apathy. After six months of treatment, some exhibited marked improvement in memory, reaction time, coordination, attention, and concentration.

How to Activate Your Brain
How to Activate Your Brain

A Practical Guide, Book 1
by Valentin Bragin

AuthorHouse, 2007.  

My recommendations for diet are very simple: Start with one healthy meal a day, and then pay attention to how it makes you feel. Compare it to the rest of your meals. Then slowly change the second meal to a "diet" meal. Gradually, you will begin to feel different and better. Your mind will become sharper and  you will have more energy.

Before the child's brain can figure out what words actually mean, it first reacts to the tone, volume, and pitch of other people's voices. Certain sounds can relax muscles, relieve tension, and sharpen attention.

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