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Food Labeling Compliance Review

Food Labeling Compliance Review
Third Edition
by James L. Summers with contributions by Elizabeth J. Campbell
Iowa State Press, 2003

The author of this comprehensive food labeling compliance manual, James L. Summers, is a leading expert on the subject, having spent over three decades working for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on labeling issues. Elizabeth J. Campbell, who contributes unspecified portions of the text, has a similar background and was one of the authors of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA). Together, they deliver the most authoritative guide to the requirements for labeling on all foods except dietary supplements.

"On January 6, 1993, FDA published 26 finalo rules addressing various aspects of food labeling," Summers points out. "Publication of these final rules culminated in an effort for labeling reform, initiated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services in 1989, and the enactment of the NLEA. The requirements of these regulations have resulted in revision of almost all food labels."

The new requirements greatly added to the workload of FDA's label review force, which has also been downsized along with other governmental agencies. Summers developed this book, he says, to facilitate the review process and assist his former colleagues and "others responsible for the manufacture, labeling, relabeling, and distribution of food products."

The text begins with an introduction and description of a compliance review followed by a compliance step-by-step review procedure (in the form of questions and answers) used by a food label reviewer to establish the degree to which a product’s label complies with applicable laws and regulations. The book also provides guidelines for developing labels for prospective food products and for responding to label deviations observed during the review.

Illustrated with dozens of charts and sample labels, the guide also details pertinent references, regulations, Federal Register indexes and tables of content for related publications.

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Food Labeling Compliance Review
Food Labeling Compliance Review
Third Edition

I. Introduction
II. Overview of the History of Food Labeling
III. Definitions
IV. Need for Specific Regulations Governing Dietary Supplements
V. Outline for Compliance Review of Dietary 
VI. Compliance Label Review Program
VII. Exemptions from FDA Requirements for Foods
VIII. Compliance Provisions
IX. Conforming Amendments
X. Special Diet Supplement Labeling Issues
XI. Office of Dietary Supplements
XII. Charts, Illustrations, Statements, Regulations
XIII. Notices and Proposed, Interim Final, and Final Regulations Concerning Dietary Supplements
XIV. Index to the September 23, 1997, Federal Register Preambles and Final DSHEA Regulations
XV. Index to the June 22, 1998, Federal Register Preambles to the Interim Health Claims Final Rules

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