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Strategies to Feed the World and Save Wild Biodiversity
by Jeffrey A. McNeely and Sara J. Scherr
Island Press, 2003

In pursuit of a win-win solution to land use conflicts, conservationists Jeffrey McNeely and Sara Scherr advance the argument that biodiversity can be protected or even enhanced through creative design and careful implementation of agricultural strategies they dub as "ecoagriculture."

McNelly is chief scientist for The World Conservation Union in Switzerland; Scheer is senior policy analyst at Forest Trends in Washington, D.C. Together, they've compiled 36 case studies demonstrating farmers reaping economic benefits from farming systems that promote biodiversity.

Divided into three parts, this book begins with a detailed account of the predominantly adverse impact of the world's food production systems on wild biodiversity. Secondly, the authors define, outline and discusss their "ecoagriculture" approach to reconciling conservation and agricultural goals. And, finally, the case studies are presented to illustrate the application of ecoagricultural strategies.

Ecoagriculture Strategies

     Create Biodiversity Reserves That Benefit Local Farming Communities

     Develop Habitat Networks in Nonfarmed Areas

     Reduce Land Conversion by Increasing Farm Productivity 

     Minimize Agricultural Pollution

     Modify Management of Soil Water, and Vegetation Resources.

     Modify Farming Systems to Mimic Natural Ecosystems.

Also by Jeffrey A. McNeely 
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