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Easy-Gaited Horses

Easy-Gaited Horses
by Lee Ziegler
Storey Publishing, 2005

Colorado riding instructor Lee Ziegler, a leading advocate for gaited horsemanship in North America, compiles the philosophy and experience she's shared in dozens of articles and clinics in this comprehensive guide to riding and training gaited pleasure horses.

While gaited horses are frequented associated with high-stepping show ring horses, the easy-gaited animals Ziegler trains are calm, obedient and sure-footed pleasure riding mounts that provide a smooth ride in recreational environments.

In this book, Ziegler details the various gaits -- Fox Trot, Paso Llano, Paso Corto, Saddle Rack, True Rack, Flat Walk, Canter --- and outlines a progressive training program that can be used with horses young and old. The gaits are illustrated with line drawings and hoof pattern charts.

"An easy-gaited pleasure horse may do any number of easy gaits, as long as the gait is comfortable and not tiring to him over the course of a long day on the trail," Ziegler explains. "He may belong to any of the known gaited breeds, belong to a breed not known for gait, or simply be a grade horse with an extra gait that allows him to be comfortable on the trail. His smoothness of gait and ease of handling are what make him a pleasure to ride."

Name of gaits and gaited breeds are listed in the back of the book, where sample lesson plans for developing and improving gait are outlined. 

An excellent beginner's text, loaded with tips and practical guidance, this book will benefit anyone interested in good riding techniques and effective training methods for gaited horse breeds.

Easy-Gaited Horses

Gaited Horse Breeds
American Saddlebred
Bolivian Paso
Cracker Horse
Criollo Argentina
Kentucky Mountain Horse
Mangalarga Marchador
McCurdy Plantation Horse
Missouri Fox Trotter
Mountain Pleasure Horse
Paso Fino Horse
Peruvian Paso Horse
Racking Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
Singlefooter (Appalachian)
Spotted Saddle Horse
Tiger Horse
Virginia Packet Horse

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