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The Art of Dreaming Big, The Science of Making it Happen
by Paul Levesque and Art McNeil

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2003

According to the authors of this inspirational "help yourself to success" book, there are five "macroskills" needed to make any dream come true:  aspiration, motivation, projection, inclusion, and application. They proceed to explain how to acquire such skills and put them into action.

The authors, Paul Levesque and Art McNeil, are both long-time management consultants and authors of other business and personal development texts. Levesque has been director of the U.K.-based firm Catalyst House and an executive consultant with the Achieve Group, founded by McNeil.

The underlying assumption of this text is that there are many people with the will to make their dreams come true, but most are lacking the skill. This book sets out to deliver those skills through upbeat advice, inspirational true-life examples and strategic visioning techniques.

DreamCrafting "is not aimed at those impatient souls who might like to try briefly dabbling in maing this or that dream come true before moving on to something else," the authors explain. "It's for readers who are (or who would like to become) determined to succeed, and is designed to make them masters of the dreamcrafting macroskills."

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Dreamcrafting's 5 Macroskills

Aspiration -- Igniting a Sense of Mission
     To make any cherished dream come true, you must first learn to unleash ytje full power of your basic determination to succeed.

Motivation -- Intensifying and Maintaining Resolve
     Everyone's big problem -- motivation levels are high at the outset, but invariably fizzle out in short order.

Projection -- Linking Today with Tomorrow
     Who's got time to meet all of today' responsibilities, let alone work on some big dream for tomorrow? 

Inclusion -- Getting Others Involved
     It will also be important to reduce and ultimately eliminate motivation-sapping resistance from those around you, and get them working with you and for you, rather than against you.

Application -- Cultivating the Dreamcrafting Habit
     Finally, you will need to become even better at using all of these skills, since the cycle will repeat itself many times.

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