Culinary Colorado

Culinary Colorado 
The Ultimate Food Lover's Guide
by Claire Walter 
Fulcrum Publishing, 2003

In terms of its culinary culture, Colorado has recently matured, welcoming a influx of fine restaurants and specialty food producers and decent local wines. There are more bakeries and cooking schools and farmers' markets in the state now than ever before. This guidebook, a hefty 480-pager, is a testament to that growth.

Colorado resident Claire Walter, the author, is a prolific guidebook writer with more than a dozen books to her credit, including several on outdoor sports in the state.  "I view this book as something of a mission," she explains. "Culinary Colorado is an ode to the independents, the small entrepreneurs, the heart and soul of the food industry.

"Colorado is populated with organic farmers who hand-tend their fields and orchards, gourmet food stores that seek out truly special ingredients, cheesemakers and cheese-sellers, butchers who hand-cut meat, bakers from whose ovens come masterful artisan breads and artful pastries, and chefs who really know food and care about every dish that emerges from their kitchens. Their passions enhance our quality of life beyond measure."

These are the people and businesses profiled and listed and referenced throughout this sustentative guide to the Rocky Mountain state. Arranged by regions, from Denver and Boulder in The Front Range to Crested Butte and Telluride in The Southern Mountains, the book consider bakeries and cooking schools, dining and events, stores and wines, and even includes a few recipes for each of the major communities across the state.

A directory of farmers' markets in Colorado is included as an Appendix in the back of the book along with culinary organizations and awards.

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Culinary Colorado 

Market Tours

The transition from buying everything at the nearest supermarket to seeking out secialty purveyors for particular types of exotic, ethynic food products and the freshest seasonal produce is a big one for home cooks. There are hurdles to shopping at ethnic grocery stores and even farmers' markets. Many of us came of age in the environs of shrink-wrapped meats and poultry, produce shipped in from somwhere, and canned and packaged goods neatly categorized on shelves find it hard to change.

Cooking instructors from such schools as the Seasoned Chef and the Cooking School of the Rockies offer in-season farmers' markets tours. Normally, you'll tour the market, chat with growers, shop, bring your items back to the school, and then prepare and eat a meal. 

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