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Crustacean Farming

Ranching and Culture

Crustacean Farming
Ranching and Culture 
by John F. Wickins and Daniel O'C. Lee 
Blackwell Science Inc., 2002.

Crustacean farming is one of the world's fastest growing forms of aquaculture. It is a high-risk industry with potential for both substantial profits and serious losses. 

"Crustacean Farming," authored by John Wickins and Dan Lee, has been a principal reference for the commercial cultivation of shrimp, prawns, caryfish, lobsters, crabs and spiny lobsters.

This edition of Wickins and Lee's authoritative text,  published by Blackwell Science, builds on the success of the 1992 edition with chapters on ranching and re-stocking operations as well as raising ornamental shrimp and small crustaceans for live food in fish and shellfish hatcheries.

Stimulated by stories of crustacean farm successes and failures worldwide, the authors decided to update their book with new research and cost analysis information.

"In the present substantial revision we attempt to provide the technical information required, and to address some of the problems to be faced by those new to the industry," they explain.

The authors have also updated sections on crustacean diseases, genetics and nutrition to reflect new research findings and technologies. As a result, "Crustacean Farming" not only provides the informational foundation for developing new aquaculture enterprises, but also suggests ways that existing operations can make critical improvements to keep pace with a rapidly expanding industry.
Crustaceans (1880)
Crustaceans (1880)
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Crustacean Farming

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