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Crescent City
Farmers Market Cookbook

Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook
by Poppy Tooker, 2009

New Orleans native Poppy Tooker, a prolific food writer, TV producer and local foods promoter, is an apt author for this cookbook with a story, the story being the 400-year market tradition of the Crescent City and the history of its namesake farmers market.

"During our thirteen year history, over one hundred different farmers and food producers have participated in one or more of the weekly markets. In this book we profile everyone currently selling at the market, and also include many whom we hope will return one day, after overcoming continued difficulties relating to the devastating storms of 2005," Tooker explains.

Many of the vendor profiles are interspersed with recipes featuring the ingredients they produce. Over 125 recipes are included, ranging from appetizers like Cajun Caviar and soups such as Louisiana Oyster Chowder and salads like Fava Beans and Shrimp. Main dishes include Kale Jambalaya, Chiles Rellenos, Shrimp Creole and Wonder Hash. Recipes for side and sauces like Cucuzza Squash and Corn Macque Choux are featured along with Zucchini Bread and Sweet Potato Pecan Muffins as well as desserts, including Cushaw Pie, Cuccidati, and Pralines.

Both a history and a celebratory cookbook, this attractive volume offers an authentic taste of New Orleans by those who know its palate best.

Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook
Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook

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