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Christmas in the Old West

Christmas in the Old West
A Historical Scrapbook
by Sam Travers

Mountain Press, 2003

"During the early years of western migration, the first few Christmases for many settlers, especially women, were tinged with loneliness. But as the miles began to close up between isolated stage stations, ranches, and mining camps, they grew into settlements, and settlements grew into towns. When a town, large or small, came together to celebrate Christmas, that's when magic could happen..."

The "Old West" in this book is the 19th century, as it was lived in the Western states and territories of the rapidly expanding United States. It was a time of explorers and trailblazers, cowboys and cavalry, prospectors and outlaws, settlers and homesteaders.

Christmas in the Old West is a collection of heart-warming tales, memories, meals, news accounts, pictures and memorabilia of a time before television and electric lights and gas stoves.

Christmas Dinner for the Men on the Trail
Christmas Dinner for the Men on the Trail by Charles Russell

Accounts of lonesome carollers, meals cooked over an open hearth, readings by candlelight, makeshift dances and simple gift exchanges provide a poignant lesson in “keeping Christmas” amidst privation and separation.  

Christmas in the Old West
Bean Soup
Bear Paw
Bison Steak
Blood Pudding
Bread Pudding
Buffalo Tongue
Calf's Head Soup
Candied Grapefruit Peel
Chocolate Caramels
Christmas Cake
Cream Candy
Dried Apple Pie
Fried Biscuits
Fried Cabbage
Green Corn
Iced Apples
Lemon Pie
Mincemeat Pie
Mule Steak
Roast Duck
Stuffed Ham
White Gingerbread
Wild Buffaloberry Catsup
Wild Dove

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