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A Fishmonger's Guide to Greatness 
by Cyndi Crother and the Crew of World-Famous Pike Place Fish 
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2003

Most fishmongers never mingle with the suits in their corporate offices. They are never asked to attend business conferences and to share their guiding principles with international organizations. But most fishmongers don't throw fish!

The Pike Place Fish stand at the Pike Place Market in Seattle has achieved oustanding notoriety and phenomenal profits in recent years by pursuing an attitude of "greatness" and putting on a show for customers by throwing fresh fish across the market. Its success has turned the heads of corporate managers and trainers like Cyndi Crother, who authored this sympathetic profile of its methods.

"I felt strongly that people everywhere could benefit from learning more about the guiding principles of Pike Place Fish," Crother explains. "It is my intention to make a difference in people's lives, and I was amazed to find a business that held many beliefs similar to my own."

Located in downtown Seattle and covering over nine acres, Pike Place Market is one of the oldest and most famous public markets in America. Pike Place Fish is not the only fishmonger at the market, but it has gotten the most attention lately due to a combination of chutzpah, self-actualized positive thinking, and savvy marketing by consultant Jim Bergquist.

Applying the inspired management style of Pike Place Fish to businesses where there are no fish to throw, or to employees who are not young healthy eager males, may be problematic, but Crother does her best to reel it in.

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Review of Chapter 3
  • Actions and behaviors are derived from your commitment to making your intended goal occur.
  • In order for a transformation from ordinary to great to occur, you must allow your intentions to guide you.
  • Once you establish your intention and commit to making that outcome happen, you must relinquish your attachment to the outcome, and let the possibilities unfold.
Review of Chapter 7
  • You will achieve greatness when you start expanding your focus and intention beyond yourself.
  • Fun does not happen without a commitment to making a difference for other people.
  • Greatness cannot come at a cost of someone else's performance.

  • Transofmration begins with you, exactly as you are.

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