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Awakening to Animal Voices 

Awakening to Animal Voices
A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke 
Bindu Books, 2004

Throughout human history, adolescent youths have developed special relationships with pets and others animals. Whether as companions, helpers or even spiritual guides, the anecdotal evidence of some sort of telepathic communication between the species is so common as to be universal.

Teens, because of their open-mindedness and spiritual flexibility, seem better able to channel these contacts that adults. This book affirms these conversations and provides exercises and techniques for improving them.

How do you become telepathic? By relaxing and becoming more aware of your thoughts, inner feelings, and intuitive flashes. In short, you become telepathic by paying attention to those things that you've been taught -- or taught yourself -- to ignore.

Essentially a workbook for enhancing animal communication, Awakening to Animal Voices includes accounts of conversations with animals, practical advice from animal communication specialists, and some pretty far-out techniques for dreamwork, creative visualization, shamanic journeying and even shape-shifting.

Dawn Baumann Brunke, the author, specializes in writing about healing, metaphysics and spirituality. A massage therapist by trade and editor of the bimonthly Alaska Wellness magazine, she has also published a book on telepath communication titled Animal Voices.

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Engage Your Imagination

     If you are having difficulty with the idea of "sending" or "receiving," then consider putting your imagination on double duty. Try visualizing your message as a small package of images, thoughts, and feelings. Wrap it up neatly in your mind and let it float through the air, special delivery, to your animal. You might imagine a little door that opens in your forehead or heart to send the present on its way. Your tiny packet sails across the distance between the two of you, entering the "door of perception" in your animal's forehead or "the door of feeling" in your animal's heart. To receive, imagine the process in reverse. Another method is to "beam" your message to your animal friend like a laser beam or gentle ray of light. Get creative; allow your imagination to devise the perfect method for you.

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