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An Introduction to Plant Breeding

A textbook and professional reference for anyone involved in plant breeding, from students to researchers, this new title surveys the field and provides up-to-date information about recent developments,

Following an introductory chapter, the authors provide an overview of modes of reproduction, breeding objectives and schemes, genetics and breeding, predictions, selection, alternative techniques, and practical considerations. Each chapter organized with classroom study in mind, with a summary and "think questions" at the end of each chapter. The volume is indexed, but provides no references.

In their discussions of breeding objectives, the authors note the economic incentives that drive private breeding companies to develop cultivars that will sell seeds and produce royalties. "Public sector breeding groups are often not under the same economic restraints. Thus the private breeder in maximizing profits wll tend to favour objectives that will promote seed sales and discourage farmers from retaining a portion of their crop as seed for the following season. In many cases therefor hybrid cultivars are preferred over homozygous lines or open-pollinated populations."

Whether in the private or public sector, plant breeding is nevertheless a numbers game with the aim of creating superior genotypes for successful new cultivars.  A knowledge of how this breeding occurs -- molecular, cell and genetic techniques -- is essential to all crop and plant scientists and has become an integral part of agriculture and plant sciences undergraduate degrees.

Veteran plant breeders and educators in Chile (Peter Caligari) and Idaho (Jack Brown), the authors provide a concise overview of their chosen field and are not shy about emphasizing the global importance of plant breeding.

An Introduction to Plant Breeding
An Introduction to Plant Breeding

by Jack Brown and Peter Caligari
Wiley-Blackwell, 2008

Table of Contents

1 Introduction.

2 Modes of reproduction and types of cultivar.

3 Breeding objectives.

4 Breeding schemes.

5 Genetics and plant breeding.

6 Predictions.

7 Selection.

8 Alternative techniques in plant breeding.

9 Some Practical considerations.


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