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B.C. Greenhouse Builders, Ltd.

Surrey, British Columbia
Polycarbonate and Glass Hobby Greenhouses
Greenhouse Kits
The "Anniversary"

A glass or polycarbonate green house kit from BC Greenhouses will increase the choice, quality and quantity of the plants you raise. You can sow and harvest crops months earlier and increase your overall annual yield. You can also raise many plants from seed, which will allow you to pick any variety you choose, rather than just the inexpensive, narrow selection offered by a nursery. Your greenhouse will enable you to grow plants not local to your area and protect special plants from environmental extremes! 

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For over 50 years B.C. Greenhouse Builders has been "the Gardener's Choice"  as a leading manufacturer of greenhouse kits and custom greenhouses.

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B.C. Greenhouse Builders Ltd.
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Surrey, B.C. V1M 2L9
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