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Kola Nuts

The fruit of the kola tree, native to tropical Africa, this caffeine-rich nut is used for flavoring beverages and sometimes chewed like gum. The kola nut was the original flavoring in commercial cola drinks.

"I'm a curious person. If I've read about something or heard of it and the opportunity comes to sample it, nine times out of ten I'll try - at least a bit. Such was the case with kola.

"I'd seen small piiles of them lined up on woven trays by vendors on the street and been told thatthe reddish multipart kernels were the famous kola that men chewed. I was also told that proper young ladies would never think of chewing kola and that they would never, under any circumstances, accept kola from someone who was not a close friend of the family.

"Well, all the admonitions were enough to get me going. On my next trip out, I returned with a small leaf in which were three kola nuts. Once back in my room, I took a small mibble, momentarily confusing them with betel and hoping they wouldn't stain my teeth and leave me open to ridicule. A second nibble confirmed that kola addiction was not in my future. Now I just smile and nod when listening to my friends warn their daughters of the evils of kola. They should just let them try somel I'll take odds they'll never want any more." ~ Jessica B. Harris,
The Africa Cookbook
Kola Nuts

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