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Selling Points

Visit our Selling Points blog for the latest ideas and advice for effective marketing and merchandising.

  • Setting Prices for Products and Services

  • The price of a product can make the difference between success and failure. Good prices make customers think they are getting their money's worth and make you think you are getting a fair return on your investment of time and money. How much can you charge?
  • Put Customers at Ease

  • Begin putting people at ease the moment they enter a room. You need to be confident -- not the arrogant and pushy kind of confident. A genuine smile will do wonders for breaking up a tense atmosphere. Never force a smile. A fake smile can be spotted instantly and may only make the atmosphere even tenser. Smile and look interested. Let your smile and eye contact show that you welcome comments, questions, and conversation. You Gotta Wanna

  • Spread Gossip

  • Communication Wonder: When someone tells you something good about a person you know, spread positive gossip by passing on the compliment to that person. Instant Persuasion
  • Seeding Sales

  • Persistance is a constant -- you're seeding and following up, and you're persistently connecting to build relationships. Sprout!
  • How Artisans Attain Success

  • Diverse skills enable artisans to charge dealers and collectors high prices for their pieces. The most important and obvious of these is artistic talent. Buyers of high-priced carvings demand imaginative, original pieces that are carved and painted skillfully. But artistic talent alone is not enough to ensure that carvers will consistently be able to sell expensive pieces. Michael Chibnik Crafting Tradition
  • Catching Greatness

  • Most fishmongers never mingle with the suits in their corporate offices. They are never asked to attend business conferences and to share their guiding principles with international organizations. But most fishmongers don't throw fish! The Pike Place Fish stand at the Pike Place Market in Seattle has achieved oustanding notoriety and phenomenal profits in recent years by pursuing an attitude of "greatness" and putting on a show for customers by throwing fresh fish across the market. Its success has turned the heads of corporate managers and trainers.
  • New Customer Sales

  • Old customers go away for several reasons. They switch to your competitors, they take their business in-house or they can just plain go out of business. Plan on this attrition -- it's all too common in the business world. Therefore, your marketing should address this issue by seeking a steady stream of new customers to replace those you lose.
  • Personal Branding

  • Your Personal Brand is the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you. It's what you stand for -- the values, abilities and actions that others associate with you. It's a professional alter ego designed for the purpose of influencing how others perceive you, and turning that perception into opportunity.

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