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Gourmet Nuts, Seeds &  Amazing Spreads/ Preserves/Chutneys

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Gourmet Nuts, Seeds
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet Nuts (Almonds or Walnuts or Pecans) -PRALINS
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet nuts- (Almonds or Walnuts or Pecans)-GLAZED
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet Nuts ROCA nuts (Almonds or Pecans)
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet Nuts- Cinnamon & Honey-nuts-Almonds or pecans or Walnuts
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet Nuts-Cashew with honey & Sesame seeds
  • Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-Gourmet Nuts -MACADAMIA Nuts with Soy sauce & Honey

All Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty" branded Snacks, Gourmet Nuts are "made to order type fresh." Above are the most popular Variety of Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty SNACKS. Info of others and free samples available on request.

Also in Stock

  • Unsalted & Roasted Pistachio
  • Unsalted & Roasted or un roasted Cashew
  • Unsalted & roasted Pepita Seeds (Pumpkin seeds)
  • Unsalted & Roasted Sunflower seeds
  • Unsalted & roasted MACADAMIA Nuts
Price: 6 PKS (10 oz-15 oz each pk, depending type of nuts) is $49.99
Orders filled & Shipped FREE within 7 days after confirmations.

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Now Available

 Amazing Spreads/ Preserves/Chutneys
  • Variety Fruit Spreads certified organic: Apricot-Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin butter, Unsweetened Apple sauce
  • Sauces & Chutney: Cranberry , Cranberry with Orange, Mango Chutney, ( 14 oz each Jar
  • Fruit preserves( Orange/ Strawberry/ Blueberry/ etc) with Nut pastes (Almond/Cashew/ Pistachio etc) low or no sugar added- 10 0z each Jar
  • YAMI Mango CHUTNEYS- Mango w/Ginger-Orange sauce, or Mango-Resines-Prune w/ Ginger-Orange, Sweetened honey and sugar or Honey and sugar substitute (e.g. Splenda) 10 oz each Jar
Price: 6 PKS (Jars) (10 oz/14 oz each Jar) is $29.99.
Orders filled & Shipped FREE within 7 days after confirmations.
To order & pay via Paypal to

One could mix variety to make a lot.
All prices include FREE Shipping.
Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty SNACKS & some nuts, Preserves & Chutneys  " made to order "-
made after order & shipped via USPS priority mail.
All other items are in stock will be shipped within 7 days upon order & confirmation.
Dr Biswas Snack Mixes
Founded in 1998 by Dr. Bimal K. Biswas, Dr.Biswas's Nutritional PLUS is backed with 8 years of industry experience

Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS provides "Dr.B's" branded foods, snacks, jams & jellies/preserves and beverages. Most of the Dr.B's tems are "made to order type" fresh with low /no sugars, low Carbohydrates and low salts.

Other Popular Branded products are also Store Fresh ( no out dated items) similarly Low /NO sugar and low Carbohydrates and low salts.

Part of proceeds from sales goes to Dr. Biswas's Family Charitable Foundation.

Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS 
1295, Poplar Ave.
Mountainside, NJ 07092
(504) 273-0972


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