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Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS
Mountainside, New Jersey
Dr Biswas Snack Mixes
"Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty" branded made to order type fresh snacks.

Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty - Fiesta Mix

Crunchy, Tasty, Nutritious Snack with mix of nuts & seeds.
    Ingredients: Assorted Mixed Nuts whole and bits ( No Peanuts), Puffed Rice & Grain-Soy- sesame Sticks, Puff Peas (bode), Pumpkin & Sunflower  Seeds, Seasoned with Olive oil & Herbs, Tomato, Vegetables (Dry Carrots, Sweet Papers), & Turmeric powders  Fortified with Ascorbic acids (Vita-C).

Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty - Hi Energy California Mix

Naturally sweetened dry fruits & berries, mixed nuts & seeds (roasted & un roasted) for nutritious snacking before/after workout.
      Ingredients: Assorted nuts roasted & un-roasted to flavor, (NO peanuts), Fruits bits - dates, pineapples, apples, berries, unsweetened Freeze dried Fruit powders, Raisins. Fortified with Vitamin C.

Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty - Granola Mix

Crunchy,  sweet & tasty snacking by the handful or with yogurt/milk.
    Ingredients:Fruity-Nutty Granola Naturally Sweetened by assorted dry fruits bits & Berries Sprinkled with cane sugar & Molasses coated cereals to taste

Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty-HI Energy Tropical Mix

    Ingredients: -Almonds & Macadamia nuts roasted & Un-roasted to flavor,  (NO peanuts), Tropical Fruits bits- dates, Pineapples, Papaya, Mango with Coconuts and dried Banana- Fortified with Vitamin C- 11-13 OZ each Pk.

Any 6 packages (11 oz/13 oz each pkg) Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty Snack Mixes: Fiesta MixHi Energy California MixGranola Mix, or HI Energy Tropical Mix for $49.99

Orders filled & shipped free within 7 days after confirmations,
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Above are the most popular varieties of Dr.B's Nutri-Tasty Snacks.
Information on others and free samples available on request.

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Founded in 1998 by Dr. Bimal K. Biswas, Dr.Biswas's Nutritional PLUS is backed with 8 years of industry experience

Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS provides "Dr.B's" branded foods, snacks, jams & jellies/preserves and beverages. Most of the Dr.B's tems are "made to order type" fresh with low /no sugars, low Carbohydrates and low salts.

Other Popular Branded products are also Store Fresh ( no out dated items) similarly Low /NO sugar and low Carbohydrates and low salts.

Part of proceeds from sales goes to Dr. Biswas's Family Charitable Foundation.

Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS
1295, Poplar Ave.
Mountainside, NJ 07092
(504) 273-0972



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